Connection Vouchers

What is the Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme about?

The Connection Voucher Scheme is part of a UK Government initiative to help small to medium sized
businesses (SMEs) connect to better internet speeds. A budget has been allocated to 22 city councils.
The Government wants SMEs to benefit from 30Mb+ speeds, so will be offering them from £100
and up to £3,000 towards connection and any construction charges.

How and when will the scheme be rolled out?

22 SuperConnected Cities have been
selected in the UK to benefit from this scheme. The scheme is due to run until March 2015.

Is it a business loan?

No, it is a grant not a loan, so you don’t have to pay it back. You just pay the VAT, any amount over £3,000 and the monthly subscription cost.

How do customers apply for the scheme?

Firstly, the you will need to check if you are eligible and read the full terms and conditions for your city. You should
then complete the application form along with a quote from your chosen supplier.

Who is eligible to apply for funding?

Businesses applying must be SMEs. This means you employ between 1 and 249 staff and yourannual turnover doesn’t exceed
approximately £40 million. You need to be in a valid postcode area for the scheme and it needs to be the registered office or trading address of the business.

What internet connection does this initiative apply to?

Any service offering 30Mb download speeds or more. So for a leased line, the funding could go towards
connection charges.

Upgrading your broadband brings real business benefits. A better connection can help you to boost your bottom line by:

• Increasing your profits by offering better services to more satisfied customers.
• Improving your customers’ experience with quicker communication and faster file-sharing thanks to higher upload and download speeds.
• Reducing software and hardware costs by helping you switch to online data storage solutions.
• Enhancing the way you communicate and collaborate through online video conference and cloud-based information sharing.

Hurry! The scheme is due to run until the end of March 2015
Now extended to 2016!

Reticom are an independent supplier. We will find the best deal from a variety of suppliers including BT, Virgin, Talk-Talk and Colt.

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