Mitel Solution ProviderUnlike most telephone system companies, Reticom is a networking company which fully understands the issues regarding IP telephony. With our solid networking foundation we deliver solutions that will fully meet and possibly exceed your expectations.

Reticom provides IP Telephony solutions based on the Mitel Networks award winning 3300ICP (now known as MiVoice Business) and MiVoice Office (formerly known as 5000) controllers. Whether you require a complete new system or you wish to integrate your existing PABX with a IP based system to take advantage of teleworkers, we can provide the solution.

Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (15 to 65,000 users)

Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (10 to 65,000 users)
The Mitel® 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP) provides enterprises with a highly scalable, feature-rich communications system designed to support businesses from 10-65,000 users. The 3300 ICP provides enterprise IP-PBX capability plus a range of embedded applications including standard unified messaging, auto-attendant, ACD and wireless. Operating across virtually any LAN/WAN infrastructure, the 3300 ICP provides seamless IP networking allowing for full feature transparency within distributed environments by supporting networking standards such as Q.SIG, DPNSS, and MSDN. The 3300 ICP provides organizations with the opportunity to IP enable their legacy PBX’s, protecting existing investments while delivering all the advantages of a converged infrastructure.

Leveraging over three decades of call control experience, the 3300 ICP supports over 500 telephony features – features that are delivered to the many user communities through easy to user interfaces such as our Web-based system management.

At the user level the 3300 ICP supports the industry’s largest range of desktop devices including entry-level IP phones, Web-enabled IP devices, wireless handsets (WiFi or IP DECT) and full-duplex IP audio conference units. Mitel’s track record of innovation at the desktop is continued through the Navigator – integrating two of the most used business tools, the PC and the phone, to deliver real benefits to the user, The 3300 ICP also supports a powerful suite of applications including multimedia collaboration, customer relationship management and unified messaging. Industry standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are supported for extensive third-party applications through Mitel Solutions Network (MiSN).

Mitel 3300 ICP provides:

  • Seamless IP Networking across multiple sites
  • The ability to cluster up to 250 controllers as a single system, to support over 65,000 IP ports
  • Mitel’s System Data Synchronization technology for sharing data among controllers, in order to enable feature transparency across a cluster of controllers
  • Hardware redundancy and software resiliency delivering an incredibly robust solution
  • Industry standard SIP trunking and SIP line side support
  • Support for industry standard networking protocols such as Q.SIG and DPNSS
  • 500+ telephony features
  • Embedded Standard Unified Messaging, Auto-attendant, ACD, and WiFi and IP DECT wireless
  • Support for the broadest range of IP desktop devices within the industry today
  • Web-based user interface that allows for easy programming of desktop phones
  • Hot desking, allowing users to change any extension to their own
  • 802.3af compliance for power over Ethernet
  • Support for touch-of-a-button, drag-and-drop video and audio conferencing
  • Industry standard APIs and support for third-party applications through MiSN
  • Mitel 3300 CITELlink Gateway provides seamless integration with Nortel phones

In today’s business environment, effective communication with customers, partners and suppliers is critical. Mitel MiVoice Office (formerly Mitel 5000 Communications Platform (CP)) simplifies communications, enhances customer service, employee productivity and collaboration while reducing the overall telephony costs.

MiVoice Office

Mitel Solution Provider - 5000 seriesMiVoice Office enables small and medium sized businesses to blend their voice system into their data network, creating a cost-effective, efficient communications environment. It delivers a hybrid digital / IP communications platform, MiVoice Office allows businesses to network geographically-dispersed employees and locations, whether they are connecting offices and applications together over a data network, or deploying digital and IP phones to on-site employees.

MiVoice Office is built on a scalable software and hardware platform that efficiently combines the best of both data networking and TDM switching architectures. Delivering support for digital telephones natively, in addition to out-of-the-box IP networking. MiVoice Office is designed to help scale and protect your investment with add-on modules and processors in a form factor that is optimized for shelf-top, rack-mount, and wall-mount scenarios. The communication platform may be networked with an existing Inter-Tel® Axxess® communications system, offering backwards migration compatibility and expansion of IP networking. MiVoice Office is expandable to support up to 250 users and multiple sites.

MiVoice Office ensures small and medium sized businesses are more flexible and responsive. Through a complete suite of out-of-the-box business productivity applications, your business will benefit from reduced costs and enhanced staff productivity. MiVoice Office delivers as standard applications including: Unified Voice Messaging with Automated Attendant, Meet-Me Conferencing, Automatic Call Distribution, Hot Desking, Twinning, Mobile Hand-Off, Teleworking and Reporting.

Additionally, MiVoice Office supports a range of advanced Unified Communications applications via Mitel MiCollab (formerly Mitel Applications Suite (MAS)), the Mitel Unified Communicator® Express (UCX), and Mitel MiCollab Client (formerly Mitel Unified Communicator Advanced (UCA)).

Phone support includes the portfolio of MiVoice Digital Phones, MiVoice IP Phones, and the MiVoice 5603, 5604 and 5607 SIP Phones.