Slow Network

When a user complains the network is running slow or they are experiencing very slow response times, they often blame the application or the network or the server. The truth is is could be any one or even all these problems, but to easily identify the source of the problem(s) can be a daunting task without the right tools and knowledge.

Using the latest network diagnostic tools Reticom can identify the source of the problem cost effectively, whether it be an application, software configuration or hardware fault.

Network Health Check

Thinking of expanding your network, before you do, why not have a network health check to see the best and most cost effective way. A Reticom Network Health check will provide you with comprehensive report of any problems with your network and including detailed explanations as well as recommendations based upon your business or project requirements.

These designs can address current and future traffic levels, security needs, budget constraints, and ability to interface with different vendors equipment.

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