Provides very high throughput, by providing better coverage, eliminating co-channel interference, and patented TrueReuse™ of channel bandwidth.
Provides stable, reliable performance with industry-leading noise immunity and multiple uplinks, even in environments that render classic WLAN architectures ineffective.
Easy to deploy and maintain, without the complexities of RF cell planning.
Delivers seamless mobility via blankets of RF coverage that are unmatched in the industry.
Built for enterprise triple play (video, data, voice), without performance trade-offs.
WLAN you can count on… just like a wired network… anywhere in your facility.

Simple Yet Powerful

In short, Extricom enables the all-wireless enterprise today. Voice (VoWLAN), data, and video, and location services are delivered with an always-on, robust and mobile Wi-Fi connection to any client, in any environment. The Interference-Free™ WLAN System is purpose-built to slash wireless complexity and future-proof your network for tomorrow’s multi-service demands.

A new generation of applications, such as voice over Wi-Fi, locationing, “access anywhere” data connectivity, and multimedia communications, requires a new type of WLAN.

At the heart of the Extricom wireless LAN solution is a simple yet powerful idea: eliminate the concept of cell-planning, and replace it with Channel Blanket™ architecture. In the Channel Blanket, each Wi-Fi radio channel is used on every wireless access point to create continuous “blankets” of coverage.

A Series of Industry Firsts

The sophisticated Extricom WLAN Switch tightly controls a set of multi-radio 802.11 a/b/g/n UltraThinTM Access Points (APs), to deliver a series of industry firsts:

Multi-layer WLAN, composed of multiple overlapping Channel Blankets on any combination of channels in any band, powered from the same the set of access points.
No AP-to-AP handoff, which ensures seamless mobility, continuity of security session, and optimal service delivery.
The elimination of co-channel interference, the critical component to providing complete coverage, maximum bandwidth, and guaranteed connection rate and bandwidth.
TrueReuse™ channel processing, which multiplies per-channel capacity by enabling frequency re-use at higher density than traditional cell-planning.

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