Motion Detection

iCatcher Console works with PTZ (Pan, Tilt & Zoom) cameras to not only provide a remotely moveable CCTV camera, but also provides auto-tracking – the camera can move to follow movement through a monitored area.

Motion detection is performed without the need for PIR triggers and external motion detectors. Once motion is detected, recording begins. For extra security, i-Catcher can record before and after the motion event to ensure you capture everything, and sensitivity controls add an extra level of flexibility.

Digital Image Storage

Digital image storage means that access to stored images is instant, and allows you to playback the footage while still recording, as well as a loop play feature, to continuously loop the most recent activity – features traditional CCTV systems are simply unable to provide.

With digital image storage comes simple yet comprehensive systems for image management. Archiving automatically ensures you retain the right amount footage, image integrity checking ensures your footage isn’t tampered with, and feed management allows you to precisely control the storage of images per camera feed.


What’s new in Console 5.3

Heartbeat recording for the RTSP cameras
Overlays on H.264 video preview streams
Instantly updating I/O device values in overlays
Added camera/device support
Actions that can be triggered on the received events
Paxton Net2 access control systems
Twitter OAuth support
Morningstar Tristar MPPT charge controllers
A new screen capture feed source
Axis M1013, M1014, M1143-L, and M1144-L
Video feeds appearing on top of other windows when there is an event
Merit Li-Lin VS012
Tripwire crosses showing on the playback timeline

iCatcher Console

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